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Tony's Story

The seeds of Trifecta BBQ’s success were sown years ago, when Tony Bryant – then just six years old – was accidentally left home alone in Wilmington, North Carolina.

As the story goes, it was Easter Sunday. Tony had outgrown his shoes, so his mother let him stay home from church, presumably with his grandmother who lived next door. Problem is, Mom thought Tony was with Grandmama, and Grandmama thought Tony was with Mom.
But Tony was home alone, and he got an idea. “I’ll clean the house and cook lunch,” he thought.
Fortunately, the house was still standing when Tony’s mom and sister Felicia returned home. “Something smells good,” Mom said as she and Tony’s sister walked in the door. They all sat down and enjoyed an Easter meal of fried chicken, corn and – well, instant potatoes “that didn’t work out so well,” Tony says.
Tony has been cooking ever since.

After a stint in the United States Navy and several jobs – including one running a restaurant in Alton, Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis – Tony ended up in Versailles working for Quad Graphics.

But the "call to cook" and to own his own business was too strong. So, in April 2016 Tony quit his job, bought a grill, a cooler, and 10’ x 10’ pop up picnic canopy and set up shop as “TNT BBQ” at a used car lot on Frankfort Street. Word got out after someone posted on Facebook, and the customers started coming. Tony later moved and set up his canopy at a local strip mall and more customers came.

As fall arrived and cold winter weather approached, Tony knew he needed to do something, so he started looking for a building. By October, he had found a spot and started remodeling with the help and generosity of Lee and Braden Adams of On-Call Maintenance, who voluntarily worked nights and weekends to remodel the restaurant that opened on Oct. 26, 2016 – just six months after starting in a tent – as Trifecta BBQ, Tony’s flagship restaurant. 

Trifecta BBQ Bar & Grill Frankfort opened in April 2019.

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